Care of your flowers

I carefully cut and condition your flowers before arranging and delivering them to you. To ensure you get the best possible vase life from your flowers I recommend you follow these few simple steps below.

  • As soon as you receive them, recut the stems with clean scissors at an angle and place them in a clean vase of fresh tepid water. 
  • Refresh the water in the vase every few days to make them last longer. 
  • Ensure there are no leaves or foliage below the water level.
  • Do not place them close to a fruit bowl; ethylene is released by fruit and vegetables as they ripen and this speeds up the decline of your flowers.
  • Remove flowers as they go over to keep your arrangement looking its best.
A few exceptions to the norm:
  • Tulips will continue to grow in the vase, if you are not a fan of the sprawling effect then trim your tulips every few days to maintain the desired height.
  • Daffodils release sap when cut, if you recut the stems leave in a separate vessel of fresh water for 5-10 mins and continue until the sap is no longer being released. You can then return them to your arrangement of flowers.