About Sarah

Sarah is passionate about growing beautiful, seasonal flowers and arranging them in garden gathered, sustainable ways. With a love of growing Sarah was inspired to grow cut flowers after taking a flower farming course at a local flower farm in 2019. Initially Sarah started growing in her garden and allotment but quickly realised she needed more space. In March 2021 Sarah took on a half acre field on the Hardwick Estate.

With a love of learning Sarah studies Horticulture and is developing her Floristry skills. with Tallulah rose flower school. Sarah has a huge love of learning and is excited for you to join her on her flower journey.

Sarah lives in Whitchurch Hill with her husband and daughter.

From seed to bouquet

“Flowers are evocative. A type of flower, its wonderful scent or colour can evoke memories of a person, place or time which is special and unique to us all. Foxgloves, Snapdragons and Roses are the flowers that evoke those happy childhood memories for me, which were spent on my summer holidays with my brother and aunties.
You will be sure to see these beautiful cottage garden flowers within my floral designs along with many other beautiful and more unusual varieties. I’m so happy to be able to share them with you.”